Awarded Accreditation as an Internationally Accredited Testing Organization by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS)

Testworks has been accredited as an international software testing institute by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) under the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.

KOLAS is an internationally accredited testing institution certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, which uses a comprehensive accreditation system to evaluate the equipment, testing capabilities and facility environment of a domestic testing institutions to assess the applicant’s conformity with international standards.

Testworks’ scope of KOLAS accreditation currently includes three standards in the field of software: ISO/IEC 25023, ISO/IEC 25051 and Ministry of Science and ICT Notice No. 2017-31. Testworks has obtained accreditation for functional conformity, performance efficiency, compatibility, usability, reliability, security, maintainability and portability of software test items.

Internationally-recognized test reports issued by KOLAS are used to verify whether the goals of government-funded R&D tasks have been met or not and to evaluate the system quality of software and embedded software and to procure them (also for the evaluation of software and system quality for general bidding). In addition to this, companies can utilize internationally-recognized KOLAS test reports themselves to verify the quality of their products and improve their vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, internationally-recognized test reports from KOLAS are mutually recognized for their international reliability and versatility and have equal effect with other test reports issued by 104 testing institutes in 107 countries that have signed the Mutual Recognition Agreement (ILAC-MRA) and 50 testing institutes in 30 countries that have signed the Asia-Pacific Mutual Recognition Agreement (APAC-MRA).

Through this accreditation, Testworks has achieved international recognition for its expertise and technology in software testing results. This is the fruit of more than two years of preparation starting in early 2020. The company underwent rigorous documentation review and on-site evaluation in accordance with KOLAS procedure to obtain accreditation.

Following the award of KOLAS accreditation, test reports issued by Testworks are guaranteed to meet the standards of international accreditation associations and can be used by domestic companies and public institutions, without the need for any separate tests when entering overseas markets, saving both time and money previously required for testing and certification.

In addition to software test reports, Testworks also provides testing services, embedded software CI/CD solutions, AI model verification and AI data quality verification services. Testworks also provides tailored step-by-step consulting services ranging from software development to code quality control to improve the quality of customers’ software.

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