“Test infinite possibilities.” – CEO Dale Yoon

We interviewed Testworks’ leadership team. Let me introduce them.

First of all, we interviewed CEO Dale Yoon.

Q. What was the initial objective when you created a startup? I wonder how close you have come to your first goal.

When I started this company, my goal was to prove the sustainability and extendability of Testworks’ business model. I wanted to have a net profit for three years without outward investment to demonstrate sustainability and it has been achieved. Extendability means that Testworks’ technical and social values expand from Korea to overseas and from a testing field to other fields. This goal has been accomplished to some degree. Testworks’ technical fields have been stretched from a testing area to AI Data businesses, but we have not entered a global market. It cannot be said that we have achieved all initial objectives.

Q. Can you please share the most joyous or impressive moments after opening up Testworks?

I am remarkably happy when I see changes and growth in employees. It is most touching when staff members realize their potentials and commit themselves to create visible outcomes.

Q. There must have been hard times. I wonder how you overcame those difficulties.

I tried extremely hard not to lose my original intention. A founder must have a strong vocation and sense of duty to continue operating the company. I always reminded myself why I started this company and what the first goals were. I thought developing Testworks is essential for society and the call of the time. It is easier to face difficult times when I reflect on my first objectives and pursuits. There are clear reasons to keep up with this work overcoming obstacles.

Q. What are the most critical capacities for Testworks to be a global business?

There are mainly three things. First, assetizing all of our work and duties. Documentation and assetization have to become a habit of all employees. Second, establishing a cooperative working environment. Each staff member has to interact with others about their work and duties to share important information. All issues have to be openly discussed and shared and constant cooperation among all teams is crucial. Lastly, platforms and solutions have to be more advanced and solid to enter a global market.

Q. Would you introduce the future vision of Testworks’ primary businesses such as AI data, automation and the testing field with keywords?

Infinite Possibility. I believe that there are infinite possibilities in development and growth.

Q. Lastly, I will ask you a common question. In a nutshell, Testworks is _________. Please define Testworks in one sentence.

Testworks is a place to test infinite possibilities.